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How we dev our Portal

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How we dev our Portal

When we started developing our Studio we were thinking at something new. Back then, in 2014, when our project started for the first time we were thinking at adding the Market System. So we had something new, the Market System but when you come to a forum, you don't know what's the market system so we tried to install something new, something different.
"A new type of portal!" we were thinking at but we had no idea what to do. Doing some researches and getting some inspiration, we came with the idea: we should present what are we doing in here.

The idea of our Portal is quite simple. When you log in Administration Panel and go to Portal, you have 3 columns. Left widgets, rights widgets and middle widgets. If you want to get something like our portal, you need to do some configurations before, you have to set left and right columns to 0% and the middle one to 100% something like this image

The last thing that you have to do is to work with some CSS and HTML to do the table. Now, I had no clue back then how to work with Tables and to Columns and those things but I was expert on CSS and some basic HTML, working with Classes. Those helped me a lot to finish our Portal.
Now, I should give you some free tips on how to work on it.

First of all, while you play with widgets you can inject anything from anywhere on them, just like a simple HTML workplace. For example, you can inject
<script> </script>
but also, you can inject CSS using
try using those to make your life easier and don't implement too much in your real CSS Stylesheet.
Use Tabeltype: NO this one is crucial on making your portal like ours. If you want to make it look like ours, you have to use free HTML, no table type ( table types are those widgets pre-made by Forumotion ).

I hope that we helped you on making your own Portal. If you have problems don't hesitate to use our Troubleshoot Section
With respect, Dev Leader

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